Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warm Toes

Last weekend my brother came and laid the secondhand carpet for me.  I can't believe the difference it made to the appearance of the rooms.. having a lighter colour on the floor seems to make them prettier.. even my grey bedroom doesn't look quite so bad.. still ugly but liveable.  And it's warmer.  Now to make the curtains and I'll be cosy as. 

Gavin taking a well earned break.  He stretched it with a 4 x 2 after all it is a rental and who can tell now with furniture in there.
Wellington Quilters Guild had their 20th anniversary exhibition and Gavin, Mum and I went to see it.  (My brother had heard about it and wanted to go!)  Here are some of my favourites but only some .. there were so many lovely quilts

Friday Morning Coffee by Phillippa Doyle  - Notice the dollies and tray cloths..

I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat by K-J Dillon

Herakles - Labours of a Quilter by Many Ann Georgious 
Indonesian Inspiration by Jane Dagger

Baltimore Album VI with stars by Fyvie Murray
This was my brothers favourite - hmm not sure if he'll ever get one like it! 
Convolution by Nanette Clough

Ditsy Daisies by Anne Read

Blue Kisses by Anne Prussing

Just blue-tiful - quilt shows are great for inspiration.

I've been a little naughty on trade me lately and have spent all my earnings off it on buttons to add to may 'little collection.  I have enough fabric to sink a ship so now I'm buying buttons????
I love these buttons.. there are 3 of them but I've sent one to my friend Myra who didn't get good results from the CT scan and surgery has been cancelled.  Myra loves buttons too so I suggested every day she puts a special button in a small jar, and then when thats full tip it into a bigger jar and fill that up too and so on.  And when she's cancerfree (cause she's gonna fight fight fight it) We can make something to display all the days she fought until she won!!

Just a few more I won on Trade Me.  The fabrics are for a house block which HAS to be done today.  It's a swap and I need to take it to a group on Monday night.

These green buttons were my Aunt's.  She loved greens and yellows and autumn colours.  These are so precious.I've been thinking of a way to display some of them. maybe a wallhanging but hmmm in squares or a tree pattern or what... it's a one day job!

My sisters are both back home from their overseas trips.  Deb and Rick went to Italy, France and Greek Islands and I can't wait to catch up with them tomorrow.  They bought me fabric from France!!!   Yay, so excited.  Raelene and Philip went to Israel for the 9th year but have decided to have a real holiday next year and no volunteer work.  They are going to be grandparents in February so I think that will keep them closer to home for awhile.

Today I have to finish a few jobs so I'm turning the computer off.
* Heart Blocks to make for Myra
* Finish Deb's knitting bag
* Sew up the house block
* Make Myra a bag with selvege hearts (so she can take a book or a rug to chemo with her)
* Find fabrics for a quilt as you go class tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

How lovely that you have carpet down in your flat and that will make it much warmer and cozier.
Love all those beautiful quilts and that must have been a nice show to attend.
Your buttons are neat and you will be happy to have some fabric from France.

Have a great week

Nanci said...

Whew! just reading your activities, and looking at the quilt show has me exhausted! Great quilts, with photos to match.
It's hard to decorate around quilts I think...I have mine on display when at the cottage.