Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Buttons

Last week I went to visit 'Lady Buttons'.  She lives locally and has sold buttons for all her working life.  Her parents and grandparents had a haberdashery in England where she was born.  Mary told us she was sent to school before she was five as she loved to cut the buttons off the cards and hide them!!!  Hehe.

She has millions of buttons but these are just a few I bought to make cards for future babies and to make necklaces for my granddaughter.

I took along some of my precious (well to me they are) buttons.  Mary was able to give me an idea of where and when they would have been made.  This one is a buckle from 1930's.  I can imagine it on those pretty dresses back then.
These buttons were made in Czechoslovakia and the ones with black in them are glass buttons.
I really love the cream and white art deco buttons and am working on a display for them.  They all have such intricate patterns. 

I found these ones last night made at the Button Company in Waterbury?

Love the detail in these painted? buttons

Not sure yet what orthese ones are but they appear to be old so will research a bit more.
A Sun Dial  - cool ah!

This button appears to be very old by the back and the shank.  I found it in the op shop for 5c. 

Mary told us that after the war they made buttons using the windows (made of lucite) in the cock pit of war planes.  These are three of them known by the flower motif in the middle.   They were known as 'aeroplane buttons'.

For some weird reason I have fallen in love with green things.  My curtains are all green now.. I don't understand except that my Aunt loved green and autumn colours.. is she picking my buttons for me???

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  The storm last night has passed but the wind is horrendous and it's cold.  So I'm staying inside and hope to sew all day.  Tomorrow I'm an Angel at a Scrappy quilting class so although I expect to be busy ironing and reverse stitching I know I'll enjoy seeing the techniques and ideas.


Chris H said...

What lovely buttons! I love finding new OLD ones too.

Draffin Bears said...

Your buttons are gorgeous Karen, what a neat collection.