Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holidays are here

Well, it's that time again and I've left it till the last minute.  Been slack with my posts lately but it'll be my New Year's Resolution (well, one of them!! hehe) to post more often.

As I'm heading away tomorrow for 24 days .. yay.. can't believe it I won't be posting for awhile as I won't have access to the internet.  I'm going to stay with my friend Myra for a few days of fun and sewing and talk talk talk as we do and then to support her while she has her first chemotherapy session.  I feel really priveleged to help her as she is a wonderful friend.  The good news is that since the radiation one tumour has shrunk a little, the others have stayed the same bar one that has grown 1 mm.  So all exciting news that it is not a rapid growing cancer and there is a really good chance chemotherapy will help.  the thoughts and prayers of everyone around New Zealand and the World who have sent her cards and hearts has also, I'm sure played a huge part in this amazing news.  I will take photos of the hearts she's received and post them when I can. 

In the meantime everyone please have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends, take time to smell the Christmas lillies and kiss under the mistletoe   (I wish!) and put your feet up.  Life isn't a race, it's a journey and everyone needs a rest sometime. 

Thank you all for your friendship via the blogs or email this year.



Draffin Bears said...

Dear Karen,

What a lovely message you wrote, thank you dear friend.
Wishing you and your family the best ever Christmas and holidays.
I will say a prayer for your friend Myra, hope she makes a good recovery.

All the best for the New Year
Hugs & sweet blessings

Chris H said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS KAREN... I hope all goes well in Morrinsville. Hope to see you somehow!

Draffin Bears said...

Happy New Year Karen and best wishes for 2011. Happy holidays and yes, it is scorching hot up here too.