Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Plans

I just HAVE  to go to this gorgeous little shop I've found called "Three Buckets Full" on High Street in Lower Hutt.  It was closing 10 minutes after I found it last weekend so I NEED to go back (matter of life or death you know) and have a better look!!   It is like a little museum but also has antique toys, ornaments, jewellery, and BUTTONS... HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF BUTTONS!!!    I'll ask if I can take photos and publish them tonight. 

Photos are taken on my camera because moi dumbo took the camera case but left the camera at home!! derr

See all those little drawers.. FULL of buttons.. CHOCKA even.  Bead's, braids, buckles, as well as hundreds of other gorgeous old things in the shop.  Wendy showed me some of the antique collectors buttons.. oh wow!  One was $110???  $60... $85.. geez but they were beautiful.  Now I am going to make velvet pads to tie my buttons on to.  I'll get several layers in my tin.  I'm going to take some of my old buttons in and she will date them for me.  The shop is open 11 - 4pm Tues to Friday and 10-2pm on Saturday.

It's raining again.. After a beautiful week of summer weather it's wet, damp and chilly.  Oh well, a great day to sew inside.  And that's my mission this weekend.I have to mumble mumble sew a heart block for Myra, mumble mumble FINISH the knitting bag, make some more Quilt as you Go blocks to finish a lap quilt for my granddaughter and make another house block.  I'm hoping no buttons arrive in the mail as that could distract me for awhile hehe.  Tomorrow is Sewing Day .. a friend and I have found a Community House where we can sew all day with others and I love getting out and DOING!  No distractions at home.

I Saw this at the supermarket and had to take a photo.   they don't sound very nice to me.. Gasflushed Sausages... hmmmm whatever next???


Chris H said...

OMG I wish I could go to that shop too!
gasflushed sausages??? eeeewwwww.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a goldmine of a little shop, it looks so gorgeous and I am sure will be tempting to go and buy some treasures.
Oh yuck, gasflushed sausages, too horrible to even think about.
Sounds like you have a lot of projects on the go, enjoy your weekend. It is overcast up here too, so good day for all the inside jobs.