Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 Quilt Club Meetings in One Week!1

Monday in Wellington was Anniversary Day so Myra and I went to Palmerston North.  A trip up through Kapiti and Horowhenua ( a couple of secondhand shops were open) to visit friends and go to Rose City Quilters meeting.  I used to live in Palmerston North so it was a great opportunity as I was on Annual Leave, to visit the Club and introduce Myra to old friends.  What a wonderful meeting too. 

Awesome.  WIP by a RCQ member
So much Show and Tell, so much inspiration, and so much love and hugs!!  I felt wonderful seeing everyone again.

Made by a member of "The Mothers" at RCQ.  They all made one in their own fabrics.  Gorgeous ah.
This is a New York Beauty made by a member of "The Mothers".  I'm not sure why Blogger has turned it upside down.  I love the way the background has been put together.
This one's flipped too but the effects that different colours made to the block is awesome. 
And of course it's in Batiks so I love, love, love it!!!

Yum, Yum , Yum, love scrappy and love this quilt.  Awesome (yes, I repeat myself)... I love it. 
Thank you to "The Mothers" and Rose City Quilters for a wonderful evening of colour and enthusiasm.

On the way home Myra and I travelled through the Wairarapa and a couple of visits to shops on the way.  It's such beautitful country through Southern Waiarapa with many last century homes beautifully maintained and lovely old worlde cottage gardens. 

We were welcomed to the Wairarapa by this very quiet elderly couple sitting in the sun.  Sadly their home (an antique shop) is closing down, so I guess they won't be welcoming folks for too much longer.  We had to have a look at the beautiful antique 'everything' inside but I didn't spend anything!!

Myra flew home on Thursday on the windiest day of the week.  She said the worst part was walking out to the plane in the wind, walking up the rocking ladder and sitting on the plane for half an hour while it rocked on the tarmac.  The airport had already changed departure gates for the plane because the wind was so strong they couldn't load the luggage!!  I'm so glad she had a safe flight and is now home relaxing after a very busy week.  So now my home is quiet and empty.  Home alone again. Hmmm

Thursday night I went to Pinestream Quilters in Upper Hutt with June whom Myra and I had visited on the way to the airport.  Thank you June for showing us through your fantastic sewing shed.  I want one!  Visit June and see her blog including her amazing scrappy quilts.  (I have some of Myra's old scraps here and am itching to sew them all together) BUT I've got to finish 1930.  It's looking gorgeous now and I'm inspired to keep going.AND I've promised to have it finished very soon. 

Saturday afternoon was Capital Quilters here in Lower Hutt.  I'm on the Committee for CQ but I didn't get there very early having had a lazy morning reading in bed!!! It was a Stitch-in being the first meeting of the year so no problem.  I don't have any hand sewing at the moment so I manned the magazine table.  We talke our unwanted magazines to the Club, they sell them 5 for $1 and the money goes to charity.  It's fabulous.  I buy some, read them and take them back next month.  Cheap entertainment.

I hope you're having a wonderful 2012 so far.  I'll post more photos on future blog posts.


Tracee said...

oh my gosh! Those quilts are amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. P.S I love the old folk they look awesome.

stufenzumgericht said...

Thank for telling us about your week with Myra, I was thinking of you both!!! The quilts in your post are realy fantastic, love them all ;-) Here it's not windy but very very cold. I can't remember such a coldness in winter, brrrrr and it's hard to imagine, that you're enjoying summer *LOL* Have a nice weekend, hugs from Martina

Quiltgirlie said...

I love the ladybug quilt, it is so cute.
Hugs, Britta