Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Op

I always think I'm SuperWoman being the single, independant, stubborn girl I am and so I expected to bounce back out of hospital and get a lot of sewing done and things sorted.  To enjoy my time off and catch up with friends.

Well, my simple operation has caused complications and I'm stuck in my chair with attachments waiting to go to the urologist on Monday for a Cystoscopy.  3 weeks off work, but I didn't want to feel 'blaaar".  Haha.

I am NOT feeling sorry for myself.. I Swear I'm Not!!

But there's so much I wanted to do.  so if I don't post for a few days it's cause I'm buggered... It's never taken me so long and worn me out so much to have a simple shower!!  It's times like this that I wish I didn't live alone but then my two ex husband's would have gone to golf or work as usual... Hopefully the only son will be here soon to make my bed and move a few things for me.  

I'll be back!


Barb said...

Oh...I do hope you get better soon and that your son will come...

GittaS said...

I wish it you feel better soon, and you get well again.
Very nice Greetings from Germany

June said...

Karen, you know I am down the road, just a phone call away, please get in touch if I can help.

Chris H said...

Sorry I am late reading this... I hope you are on the improve now?
Bummer getting complications.