Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treasures or rubbish... ??? Share it

A friend made a comment this week that I'm not blogging enough.. haha.. and I have to admit to being rather tardy of late.  So I will try harder to blog more often and keep you all entertained??  Now that my son has moved out and Myra has been to stay I decided to move some furniture and tidy up.. for a Day!!  One day .. that's all it was going to take.  Well, it was a long weekend in New Zealand (3 days) and I still had one room to finish last night before company came!! 

Gorgeous ah.  It even opens.  Purely ornamental though so it's gone on Trade Me
I shifted stuff and sorted stuff even my bead collection...WHAT THE ????  So I've ended up with heaps of treasures on Trade Me.  That's like New Zealand's EBay.  I have TOO MUCH.. STUFF!!

Beads for Trade Me
And I decided to make the spare room into a 'lounge' and Button Room!!  Have you heard anything so sad.. haha.. but I can easily get sidetracked and play with my button collections so I've moved them away from my sewing machine... hehe.. Now I just have to sort them out and put them somewhere.. one day!!

Old Buckles.. I was GONNA frame them...gone on Trade Me
The other reason I did this NOW was that I'm having an op next week and won't be able to lift or reach, no hanging washing or vacumning ... gee that's sad haha... for 6 weeks.  And I know if I'm home I'll be wanting that stuff that's down there under all that other stuff!!!  Grr I am too independant to ask for help sometimes.  

Not sure why I bought this.. On Trade Me now
This weekend's task now is to get the 1930's finished so that I can sit and do the hand sewing when I get home.  I can't wait to choose buttons to sew on it and I'm going to embroider the wording for the label on a doily.. 


GittaS said...

It was a weekend-Marthon.
The cute things you show.
Greetings from Germany

Chris H said...

I hope you are ok? When is the Op?
Selling stuff on TradeMe is a good idea.
Decluttering is always a good thing to do.