Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preparing for guests

As you know my son 32, has gone flatting and Myra came to visit.  So it was a huge job cleaning the room and preparing for Myra's visit - getting rid of the smell of dirty socks.. you know!! 

I needed a picture on the walls in a hurry, a black and white to go with the duvet cover so this is what happens at the last minute.. (I think I have my best ideas when I'm under pressure hehe).  I had a spare black frame (the glass broke) .. hmm.. ideas..

And this is what happened.  Nothing better.  I thought it could be coloured in during Myra's visit but we didn't have time. 

However I'm sure it will be over time.

I've also wanted to make a button lampshade for a long time so what better reason to do it.  I was at the Opportunity shop near work looking for a ball of thread to tie the buttons on.  But I found a card wrapped with some plastic cord. 

I didn't know what it was but was later told it's the cord that holds vertical blinds on the track!!!  It was perfect and there was plenty.  The little hooks held smaller buttons and I had it finished in a couple of hours. 

What a transformation!  And now, I can smell Myra' perfume in that room, much nicer than smelly boy socks!!!  haha. 

While visiting a cafe in Miramar, Myra had a little friend.  It was on her shoulder for a long time but then it sat in her hand and showed us it's gorgeous colours.  I'd never seen a butterfly with these colours and that's the reason I put this photo on my blog hehe.   Really it is Myra!

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Chris H said...

How cool! Love the lampshade.