Monday, August 22, 2011

Second hand flowers

Last year I gave some of these succulent cuttings to my sister in Wellington.  She's not a gardener so these are great because they love to be neglected. 
Well blow me down, but it flowered!!! 
And I've had them for 10 years or so. 
I love the colour and the shape.  It's spectacular in my garden!

My neighbour was tidying up their garden and decided to put his succulents in mine. 
And it's flowered!! 
They have had them for many years
but no flowers!!!  

Tall and majestic. Beautiful colours for a quilt I'm thinking?? Batiks maybe??
o I've decided they're second hand flowers. 
I only noticed it on Tuesday when it snowed. 
I am thrilled. 

Does anyone want a cutting haha!


MrsC said...

It's like a wee 60's mod Xmas tree!

June said...

I visited a friend yesterday, she lives at Peka Peka and her succulent was flowering - the first time ever!! Is this the year of the 'whatever it is called'?