Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Jones Sewing Machine!

My dear friend Myra has an old JONES sewing machine and it is beautiful.  I keep telling her it's mine because it's got my name on it!!! 

Today she spotted one on Trade Me and bought it for me!!  

".... gorgeous little machine is circa early 1900s as it says on it 'approved by Her Majesty Queen Alexandra'.

It's a Jones brand, from Manchester UK.

It is in great condition and comes with a cover, a key and an instruction manual.

It's a beautiful piece of history." 

I can't believe anyone would do this for me.  Isn't it a work of art?  

So now Myra you'll have to come and visit so you can see it for yourself. 
I am absolutely thrilled and can't go to bed yet .. I'm a bit wired up haha. 

I can't wait to visit Myra in 11 more sleeps.  A week of fun and laughter, sewing and sewing and a visit to the Waikato Craft Show.  And I'm going with Myra to see her oncologist - I'm sure she's going to say "I got the results muddled with someone else".  

When I'm at house group meetings I can't take my machine so lately I've been trimming up these Jinny Beyers charm squares that I was given a few years ago.  I found patterns in a magazine from 2001 but I'm not sure what to do with them.  I think they're lovely colours and patterns even though they are plain.  I want to do something with them..triangles... florals... stripes... Any ideas? 

Two close ups, zoom in and see the detail.

I've seen a couple of patterns in old magazines.  I quite like this but no pattern so I might have to draft it out myself...

In the meantime I am preparing my 1930's blocks to finish them at Myra's.  I pieced all the blocks when I visited Myra in June. 
So now I have to sew some beautiful embroidered doillies on calico to go in between then I'll put it together 'quilt as you go'.  Hopefully it will be finished within the week.


Barb said...

What a treasure to own.

Love your quilts.

MrsC said...

It's beautiful. :) Mum took me to a class with Sharon Perry on using charm squares and I got some great ways to use them up, and I use them a lot, but my first thought was, why not try arranging them from dark at the bottom to light at the top, and from one end of the rainbow to the other from left to right? I am a sucker for tonal grading like that. :)

MrsC said...

And on point, I forgot that bit!

Chris H said...

That sewing machine is AMAZING!