Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally our photo of our vocalist and SNOW in Lower Hutt?

Every morning at this time of the year I am woken by the harmonious sounds of Tui in my camelia tree.(It's the only reason the tree is still standing.. they make such a mess.  My son who's staying with me at the moment has been trying to get a photo for weeks.. finally yesterday he caught a couple.  I say caught because they move really fast around the tree and seem to know when you want to take a photo haha.

They're a bit fuzzy but they're good close-ups.  There's only one at a time and they seem to have a nest over the road in the Pohutakawa trees. 

When I've raised $100 from weight loss for my layby fabric I will start saving for a new camera.

And tonight its SNOWING in Lower Hutt.  My neighbour has lived here all his life and never seen snow.  It's not settling because its been raining for awhile but I wish it would.. just to get a better picture.


Chris H said...

Lovely Tui! We have managed to photograph Tui in our backyard too... in our neighbour's tree. They are gorgeous.

tizart said...

Well Done!! I know what you mean about getting a good photo, we sometimes have a tui in a tree in our back garden, they just don't seem to co-operate at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This weather is good for quilting indoors, Is it snowing down your way??????? Feels like it is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SoozieSuzy said...

Cold but kind of special for Wellington. Thick on my hill in J'Ville. I have not seen snow in Wellington like this, in fact I have not seen urban snow since I lived in Dunedin. Great weather for crafts so long as the power stays on!

tizart said...

It snowing here in Feilding Now. Don't have to worry about power if you have a nice hot fire and a treadle sewing machine!!!!!

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
if you're really want to see snow, you'll have to come over here to Germany in winter ans we'll build a snowman together ;-) You're welcome! Hugs from Martina

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Such a lovely photo of the Tui in the tree.
I know what you mean about the noise they make in the morning - we have them around here and at times they make a racket.
Such strange weather pattern here in NZ - I just heard that it was snowing in Pukekohe and Bombay, which is unheard of. Stay warm Karen and have a good week