Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandchildren Pride and Passions

Alwx 6 yrs with two of the Magpie team and his Medal
 Grandchildren make you so proud and the love you have for them is like nothing else!   Last week my baby grandson/grandchild was voted as the best player in his ripper rugby team and went to a presentation held by the Magpies where 150 primary school kids were presented with a medal and got to meet the team. 

Alex standing under the Magpie Icon in Napier

Alex and proud Dad Simon at the World cup roadshow last month

The Magpies are Hawkes Bay's Provincial Rugby team and Alex lives in Taradale.  He looks a bit stunned in the photos (maybe its his TOUGH look) but he's ever so proud!  Most games he scores a try or two or three.  He turned 6 at end of June but is very tall and broad for his age.  And very strong.

Alex's big sister Olivia, my one and only granddaughter loves gymnastics and tells me she's now doing Bars!!   She is a very slim, adventurous girl and has no hangups about walking on beams or hanging from bars like her Nan did as a child.  (I was always afraid of heights because I couldn't see??)  Here's Olivia posing for me a few months ago.She seems to like sewing too when I visit so fingers crossed.

Olivia 7yrs
 My second grandson Cameron, (Alex and Olivia's cousin) has been learning sewing at school this year.  He's always loved making quilts with me when he was young and is enjoying sewing. 

I caught up with him a few weeks ago and he asked me to alter a hat he'd made.  It seems ear muff thingies and plaits are all the fuss on hats these days.  He's asked me to knit him one now.  .  He had appliqued letters on the back.. something to do with motorx says a dum Nannie!! haha. 
Cam the Man 11 years old
But again Cam isn't a stay at home and sew boy.  His passions are rugby, biking and motorcross.  Since he was 4 years old he's been racing at motorx.  Dad is now in the veteran cross country league so it's a family thing.  Cameron loves the rough and tumble and has no fear.  Isn't it great to be so innocent. 
This was Cam's old bike 2 years ago.  My Pictures is not as organised as I thought.

And then my eldest grandson George who's nearing 16 and is big brother to Olivia and Alex is passionate about mountain biking and is now racing in Rotorua, Taupo, Napier regularly.  He works at a bike shop after school and at weekends and saves every penny for a new bike.. you can never have too many evidently.  Mind you I think a car might be a priority over the next couple of years so he can transport himself to the races!!! 

I'll just have to sneak in a photo of my baby who is now 32.  He doesn't have much time to get involved in anything socially.  His job starts at 2am and finishes between 11am - noon.   So poor Fred is in bed by 6pm and his body clock is all over the place.  He is looking for a daytime job now but a job is a job here in New Zealand and you're lucky to have one.

A few weeks ago we were watching rugby at Mum's and I sneaked a photo of him sitting in my Dad's lazyboy 'concentrating' on the game the same pose as my Dad always had.  It really gave me a smile.  Isn't it amazing how many little intrinsinc actions we pick up off our parents or grandparents. 

Concentration ??

I guess the grandchildren follow me because I have a Passion (for quilting that is)...

My children and grandchildren really make life so wonderful and make my Heart SING!!

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