Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday at home

I'm still speechless... hehe  Beat that!! 

And spent the night coughing so I have taken a sick day and done nothing.. Well except the Club Newsletter as I'm now the new Editor.  I remember saying I wouldn't go back on a Committee for a few years and here I am 8 months later back on one.  But it'll give me the opportunity to get to know people better and fill in a few empty nights I'm sure. 

The sun is out today, the concrete is dry but it'll need a lot more of it to dry out the lawns.  And  inside it's still chilly.  I have the dehumidifier going in my bedroom so hopefully that will do something.

I need to be well by Friday.  I have a few days off to go to Napier.  On the way I'll catch up with daughter No 1 and then pick up Mum.  My grandson Alex is going to be 5 so his party is on Saturday.  He's so cute.. oohhh don't let me start raving on about the grandkids again haha.  Then Saturday night it's a 60th birthday party for my dear friend Margaret in Hastings.  She was 60 beginning of May but has held off the party so I can be there.  And Sunday I'll take my darling Uncle out for lunch as it will be his 82 birthday next week.  Back to PN on Monday for my yearly mammogram.. fingers x again.  And I'll catch up with my friends Carol and Emma, then back to work Wednesday. 

So I just need to get rid of the germs!  (I dare say they might appreciate the silence haha). 


MrsC said...

Ach you poor wee thing!! You should stay home tomorrow night and wrap up warm, I'll make sure you get all the info. xo

Chris H said...

Wow you have a very busy weekend coming up! I hope you do get rid of that nasty cold.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I hope that you are feeling better - there is a lot of flu bugs going around here too.
Your new look to your blog looks really great.
The weekend sounded busy, busy ~ hope you had a lovely time.

Enjoy your Thursday