Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where does this rain come from?

I am so over the rain!  The only sunny blue sky day we had this week was on my birthday!!  Well, that was special but it's been raining ever since. 
My back lawn is a Swamp!@

How to get my washing dry without going to the laundromat???

... well, to prove I'm not just a pretty face I did this..

(Hmm not a very exciting array of washing) but it worked.  I have got all my washing dry to the stage it's okay to bring it inside and air it off on the clothes horse.  The tarpaulins are two small ones.. I need a long one so I don't end up with the rain spilling between them but as I have no other shelter around my home I reckon this was a brilliant idea!

Friday night I went to our Club's UFO night and have nearly, nearly got one top finished.  I had a lot of comments about my half-nighter (that's taken over 12 months) and have vowed to get it finished soon.  Remember this one.

I'll take a photo of the finished top soon.

Sadly I've picked up a bug from work and I also started losing my voice on Friday night (I know I talk too much) but despite not talking most of the weekend I still haven't got it back!!!  Silence is golden I guess but I'm thinking I'll be home again tomorrow - I can only whisper so no use me trying to answer the phone at work!!   I'm always saying that really sick people shouldn't come to work and share their germs so I have to practice what I preach.

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Chris H said...

Fantastic idea with the washing! You clever tart.
Our rain comes down horizontially so that wouldn't work here!
Why don't you get a clothes dryer?