Monday, January 9, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome - Bring It On!!!

There's been an advertisement on the TV lately about preparing yourself for the time when your kids leave the nest - Well, I've been prepared time and time again but this weekend my son is moving out for the last time.   He came for a few weeks and stayed 9 months.  I'm very proud I've kept it together and not lost my cool too often so we can part on good terms haha. 

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No more Boy smells.. farts and dirty socks and cigarette smoke drifting through the open windows from outside.  It'll only be MY mess anywhere and I will onlyh have to clean up after ME!!

I've had everything stuffed in my bedroom and my sewing room for 9 months and I am getting very claustrophobic.  So now I can spread out again and have the girls around for a sew in... and make a mess in my sewing room and SHUT the door!!   Yeehaa....

As much as I love him, we'll be way better friends when he lives somewhere else!!

And today was my late Dad's birthday.  Funny how things happen on a coincidental day but I've been missing Dad so much lately. Sometimes I just need a hug from my Dad and I think I've had one..


Barb said...

I know how you feel....let's just leave it at that.

I am sure you had a wonderful relationship with your day and so you have a ton of sweet memories. Even tho a hug would be nice.

Chris H said...

You must tell me how it feels again, cos I know nothing about 'empty nest' syndrome.
I would love to catch it!