Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome 2012

Well, Christmas is all over again.  How quick the day comes and even quicker it is over!  I spent Christmas this year at my son-in-law's mother's house.  And stepfather too.  It was an amazing home on the top of a hill in Hawkes Bay.  This was the view on Christmas Eve from the deck.  The Pool stretches the width of the home and the view is enormous.  See the tractor in the bottom paddock mowing the hay.  My grandchildren love the pool.  This is Olivia, my little Princess, who's nearly 8.
On the way home to Wellington on Chistmas Day afternoon we went to Palmerston North to catch up with friends.  The normal route through the Manawatu Gorge is closed for several months so we had to drive over the Saddle Road.  It's the first time I've been up that way for many years so it was exciting to see the Windmills so close.  They are enormous.  what a beautiful day though.

Now this photo is upright in My Pictures so why has blogspot turned it sideways?  I also can't see the photos when they've downloaded into blogger (before I select them)- does anyone else have this problem??

And again.. sideways.  I tried to take a close up of Maggie's Christmas Tree.  Her late mother knitted a new doll for every member of the family.  Now the grandchildren are increasing and I want to try and work out a pattern for Maggie.. they're made in 4ply I think.  Their names are on the polysterene heads.

I borrowed this picture of Facebook.  This is my eldest daughter beside the Christmas tree at the rest home she manages.  I think she looks like an angel - but she's not!!! haha
 I spent a week up at Myra's and had a wonderful time.  And yes, I did get quite a bit done on my 1930's quilt.  This isn't a very good photo but it was to remind me how to lay out my blocks.  If you look closer you'll see I've put the top row in this picture together -there are 2 other rows which aren't in the photo. 
It's a Quilt As You Go style.  Makes quilting much easier.
Myra gave me most of the doillies Iv'e used in the quilt which makes it very special.  I've decided to replace my small one on the right hand side so I'm checking the op shops.
 This quilt has been 'happening' since January 2011 when I bought the fabrics, cut them and started the squares while I was staying with Myra.  I don't think it's been touched since then but I am inspired to get it finished now.  I think it will look gorgeous and it's big enough for my bed.  Where the calico squares are I will sew buttons.  (As I would).

Myra has been busy finishing her UFO's and getting them quilted.  This one is huge - hence I couldn't get it all in the photo.  Isn't it beautiful. 

Love love this one.  Here's an idea to use up floral charm squares.  Myra has the most amazing variety of fabrics.  She's been quilting for many years.  I've bought a huge pile of her scraps back to make a scrappy quilt.. because I love them.  There is a difference in the 'old' fabrics and the modern ones I've got.  I have put it on my list to do.

I never liked green until the last 2 years or so.  How does it happen that suddenly your colour preferences change??  I love Myra's Trip Around The World quilt she's made for her family.  It is another really large quilt.  These are just 3 of many she's finished lately.  What would be on your bucket list???   I have made a list of my UFO's now and will endeavour to get them finished too so that my family will use them in the future.  It's a really good idea don't you think!! 

 I'm sorry, Sideways again.  I hope you haven't got a sore neck from twisting.  This is one of Myra's cute dolls.  On her neck is inscribed Effandbee.....yeah say that quickly. Would you ever call a doll F n B??  Isn't she cute though.  She sat on the couch beside me all week and I couldn't help admiring her beautiful face and those gorgeous blue eyes (I believe she's had an eye transplant!!). 
Lastly here is my swan plant that seeded itself in my garden.   It's the first time I've had one so I eagerly watched the big fat caterpillers thinking they would eat it alive in no time.  But they moved house or something ate them.  I ended up with this beautiful lush plant and 3 crysallises hanging on the house.

When I came home last Wednesday there is only One beautiful butterfly left.  It is beautiful and I spent quite awhile watching it yesterday being blown in the wind and trying so hard to get back to the bush.  Today it is raining and it's gone.  I think I need to adopt some more caterpillars to eat this plant.

I will try and blog more often now the Christmas rush is over and I've finished making organza flowers.  Myra is coming to stay in a few days and we'll be going to see The Wedding Dresses exhibiton at Te Papa, the NZ museum.

In New Zealand we are saddened by the loss of 11 people in a Ballooning accident yesterday.  It happened in Carterton on a beautiful day and 5 couples plus a well known and experienced pilot have been killed.  My heart goes out to all the families involved and the community of the small country town. 


Nancy J said...

Hi, I do my writing in Live Writer, then post it to my blog, which is still in Blogger.You can crop, edit, turn, etc with all photos so much easier, a few tricky things, I do all the text, then change it to Garamond,but Linda at Razzle Dazzle helped me with it at first. Another friend does hers on Weebly, which is said to be even better,
Yes, all caring thoughts to all the families,friends, and authorities involved at Carterton.New Zealand grieves again. From Jean

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
the look from the pool ist fantastic, but the real stars, that you're presenting, are the stunning quilts, love them all and hope, that you both get them finished soon ;-) I heard of this tragic accident and my thoughts went to you in NZ!
Hugs from Martina

June said...

Welcome back Karen, I have missed your blog - fabulous quilts, so much inspiration - and what scrappy quilt are you planning?