Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Phew, was it a holiday haha

I've had such a busy time the last 10 days but it was so much fun. I flew up to stay with Myra, my dear friend for a week. We have so much in common, it's just like a sisterhood.. quilting, op shops, craft work, etc etc. And talk.. wow, we talked and that was so neat... quite a few early mornings - going to bed haha.

Me and Myra at a Teddy Bears Picnic for her granddaughter.  The kids had so much fun.

Beautiful cup cakes for a little girls birthday.  Too pretty to eat.

Myra's amazing shirt quilt - the backing is denim from old skirts and jeans.  I have a big bag of shirts to make one now.

Here's a few photos of quilts at the Waikato Quilt show.  Beautiful work.

I love this quilt.  The buttons were beautiful.. of course. 

A lovely Blue quilt.  So much work in it.  I love the shading..

A lot of hard work and gorgeous colours in this wallhanging.

blue and yellow is another great combination

I waited for ages to get a photo of this whole quilt but there was a queue so I sneaked in to get a photo of these tui's in a pohutakawa tree.  Wow!

I know this one was made by Judith Ross and it was at symposium.  Its like the Mandala Sands.. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is really neat.. Reminds me of apartments on hills in Wellington CBD

This quilt was hanging in the Oncology Clinic at Hamilton Hospital.  It was made by 3 quilters in memory of 2 friends they'd lost to cancer.  I hope you can zoom in and look at all the detail.

Here's a couple of close-ups

This is the group present that Myra, myself and Carol made for our friends Emma and Frank's Golden wedding anniversary.  I did the piecing, Myra did the tiny blanket stitching and Carol did most of the quilting.  It was a fabulous party for them both.

A close up for you

Carol, Emma and I at the wedding anniversary.


Chris H said...

WOW, so many gorgeous quilts. so glad you had a wonderful visit with your friend.

Leeann said...

I helped Sonya thread baste her Bird quilt (the one you loved. Managed to bleed on the quilt several times! Just as well it came all out. Sonya is going to teach at the Taupo Symposium if you are going.