Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ooohhh ahhhhh

I've been a show off the last 24 hours.  My new baby, my Jones sewing machine arrived yesterday.  It is beeeeuuuutiful!!  1906 era but it is perfect, there is no rust, the engraving is still perfect.  It has all the feet, bobbins with a little felt case to hold them.  My friends are all envious when they see these photos. 

A work of Art!

From the back.. amazingly intact but over 100 years old

No rust!

The case is a work of art on its own.
there's a few scratches but nothing a polish won't fix.

"As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra"

The shuttle bobbins so tiny and wrapped in a hand embroidered piece of felt.

The screwdriver, scissors and needles 1 pound 60p
All the feet included
This is a beautiful gift from my dear friend Myra, who's been my inspiration and confidante for many years.  I will treasure this gift forever and covet it dearly but I would also give it away for $1 if someone had a cure for Cancer that would save Myra's life!!  We're going to grow old together in a sewing studio/semi detached unit so we can sew to our hearts content on our own or with friends calling in and we can watch Emmerdale Farm and go to the best quilting shops to window shop haha and have scooter races to the library. (whoops I should add watch rugby!!

I reckon we still will, Cancer can't cope with someone who has guts, determination and an excellent attitude... that's Myra.   See you Thursday my friend.  Nearly one sleep left haha. 


Barb said...

Oh...that is a lovely machine and you are so lucky to have it but a cure for cancer would be so much more valuable because nothing can take the place of a life....my heart goes out to you!!

Pokey said...

It is a beauty, what a treasure from a treasured friend. I'll remember to be praying for your Myra. Enjoy the good company to come~

June said...

It is indeed a work of art Karen but when you put it alongside a cure for cancer - well, it puts things into perspective. Have a good time on Thursday!

Nanci said...

oh gosh, the photos are amazing...all the details of that machine. I do agree with Bar, a cure for cance would be so valuable. hugs, Kayjay

Anonymous said...

What a treasure and the more so because Myra wants you to have it. Friends are a gift in life and both of you are blessed to have each other. My thoughts are with you both.
Helen (Nanci's P.T.)