Sunday, June 26, 2011

The holiday is over

My holiday in Nelson and Morrinsville, near Hamilton was wonderful but it's over now and I've been back at work three days.  The first day at work (Wednesday) I swear I could have gone to sleep!  It's so hard getting up at 7am when you've had 2 weeks of lovely sleep in's and no rush to do anything!!   It was especially wonderful to spend time with Myra who's now finished chemotherapy.  I have to say I really didn't know anyone in my circle of family and friends who's had chemotherapy and so I had no idea of the side effects.  I felt very humble that Myra had managed on her own for the last six months and been so ill.  And I feel helpless that being so far away I couldn't do anything useful. 

While I was there, Myra and I went for a FART trip (a Fabric Acquistion Road Trip)!  First we went to  Cushla's Fabrics in Waihi.  The scenery along the windy roads was amazing but sadly it was a horrible wet, cold day and so photo opportunities were out of the question. 

Next we went to Paeroa and found Patches and Cream, a beautiful patchwork and quilting shop.  They had fat quarters 5 for $25 and lucky me, a couple of jars of old buttons (oh I know I'm sad!). 

Beautiful quilts, bags and novelties adorn the walls and shelves. 
As well as several old toy sewing machines - remember them?

This is a beautiful Singer sewing machine in excellent condition.  Weren't they a work of art in those days? 
And look at the gorgeous cupcakes

I love the quilt in this window.  It's made in fabrics with leaves, stones, acorns etc etc.  Beautiful autumn tones.
And of course I went to Wright Fabrics in Morrinsville and bought a few more batik fabrics.. . BUT I did buy ones that will go with a fabric I already have.  I'll put a photo up tomorrow.  But I did go back and buy a little bit more.. I love batiks, they are yummy! 


Barb said...

Thanks for the tour of the quilt hsop, it is awesome!!

carole brungar said...

A FART trip! I love it! I'm going to have one of those end of August!Pleased you had a lovely time :)