Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lessons in Life and Celebrations

Yesterday morning at 2am I woke with my heart racing.  thought I must have been so scrunched up I couldn't breathe or something but it didn't stop no matter what I did.  I finally rang the ambulance and it's all real what they say on the television... the woman on the phone chatted to me all the time and 10 minutes later 3 paramedics were in my bedroom.  Pretty embaressing when you have patchwork books on the floor for them to trip over haha.  15 minutes later I've had an ecg, was on oxygen and on my way to hospital.  Thought I must have been dying as the Drs and nurses were frantically trying to get a drip in and constant ecg's, xrays and finally a needle in my groin because my veins had collapsed by then. 

I have ATrial Fribulation now and my heart rate was very erratic.  I felt ill, absolutely ill, no energy, breathless, even moving in bed made my heart rate esculate. 

So I've learn't a lot of valuable lessons in the last 24 hours.  The first but not so important is to go and buy some new night attire.... ie.  nighties that are sensible enough to wear in public that don't say "I'M NOT THAT INNOCENT'.  Believe me, I got a lot of comments!
My visitor in Coronary Care. 
Must have thought I had some food
but Nil by mouth Mr Seagull..

Went to Coronory Care and monitored for the rest of the day while waiting to have an electric shock on my heart to get it back to normal rhythmn.  All ready to go, off to the loo and next minute nurses rush in to say my heart has sorted itself out and no need for electric shock. Talk about last minute.. heart must have been scared as I was.  I believe Atrial Fibulation is very common and in future I have to ring the ambulance straight away and not wait to see if it'll go away because it won't! 

I will have this forever now and so time to get really serious and change to a new lifestyle plan.  First up Weightwatchers and exercise.

What causes it?  I am sure obesity and high blood pressure has EVERYTHING to do with it but maybe excitement does too!  Joking

On Sunday my boss held a mid-winter Christmas lunch for our team at her home by the beach.  Over the last 12 months they have fully gutted and renovated their home and it is finally complete so it was a housewarming as well.  To add to the fun we had a game "Decorate your knickers for christmas".  Yeah, people think I'm weird but it is amazing what the girls thought of...

We also had to draw a name and take a $5 present for that person.  This is what I got.  A very appropriate present for a UFO queen. 
Sunday was also the 18th anniversary of my daughter Annette's liver transplant.  A real celebration. She is working fulltime, doing her Masters in Business Studies extramurally, a wife to a farmer and mother to Cam 11 years.   I think they put in energizer batteries because she just keeps going and going - that's why she is so well after 18 years though.

My daughter Annette 37 years old.  18 years since her liver transplant.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

So sorry to hear about the horrible time you have had, hope for better health for you dear friend.
Take care and look after yourself.
Congratulations to Annette, she looks great.

Hugs to you and hope that you have a better week
Carolyn xo

Helen said...

HI Karen

So sorry to hear you were unwell. Glad they got it sorted and you know what to do if there is a next time. What a wonderful celebration to be having. Organ donation is such a valuable gift.

Barb said...

What a scare that was....and I am glad you are doing better....even in your most intense moments you make others laugh.

That is awesome about your daughter....lucky she is still around and very blessed.