Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthdays Get Better with Age!

I have also made Isaac a bumper pad using extra blocks I had from his quilt.  I ran out of fabric for the binding so my lovely sister is finishing it.  I found this quilting book at the Library and saw this neat idea for making a bumper pad/book.  So I made the backing with blocks of eye spy fabrics.  When Isaac is moving around the cot and maybe pulling on his bumper pad,  it can be folded up and tied into a book or laid on the floor so that the family can all look at or play games with it... EYE SPY!!  This is a fabulous book for ideas especially in lovely bright fabrics but with large and small blocks...

The bumper pad in 'Fresh Quilting' folded into a book.  I will post a photo of Isaac's one when it is finished.
I keep saying I'm not celebrating my birthday as I'm getting older but each year my birthday is so much better and exciting than the year before.  I was in Nelson for my birthday last week and was treated like royalty by my sister and her family.  It was wonderful.  Lunch out, dinner at my nieces (my favourite choclate self saucing pudding.. and simply deeelicious, thank you Stacey).  My son gave me money for a treat.. hmm Nelson is the Bead Gallery.. and I just can't help myself when I go there...

These were all on special - fill a bag for $10!!  Yummy.

I also had numerous lovely messages and emails from my children and friends and today when I arrived home there was another parcel from my friend Martina in Germany.  Two beautiful patchwork magazines with even more inspiration including these lovely bag patterns.... 

Magazines from Martina

We also went to Shoe Clinic and I had an assessment of my feet. 

I've had Plantar Faciitis for a year now and it is so painful.  Despite buying new shoes it doesn't go away.  I didn't realise my right foot veers to the right.. maybe a bit of ballet dancer in me after all (haha)..
$249 later I have a great pair of shoes which support my foot and I can walk in them without any pain!!!  Fabulous.  I owe my sister heaps for taking me there.  Geez, they're the most expensive shoes I've ever bought (and believe me there wasn't any choice) but our feet are important.  


Anonymous said...

It was a lucky choice with the chocolate pudding then, who knew it was your favourite. I will take a photo of Isaacs room when we have moved him next door and the bumper pads are finished and installed :) Hope you're having a good holiday. Stacey.

Barb said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday....Happy Birthday!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

How neat that you had such a happy birthday and the chocolate pudding sounds yummy. Glad that the bumper pad is all finished and installed.

Have a great weekend

Leeann said...

I had Plantar Faciitis when I went to Wellington Symposium, but with wearing good shoes (mine were New Balance) made all the difference, and it went away within a few weeks. Good luck

Chris H said...

I spy with my little eye a fish bag!

I think I too have that foot problem.

Nice beads too.

stufenzumgericht said...

Hi Karen,
it looks like you hade a wonderful birthday with lot's of presents - how fine!
Hugs from Martina