Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Week of Celebrations - Easter photos

My littlest grandson Alex at Easter 5yrs
I haven't blogged for awhile because my little home has been invaded haha.  I bought my son (32) back with me after Easter to look for jobs down here and he's sleeping in the computer room  (I'm going to shift it haha)..  We arrived Wednesday night and by Thursday lunchtime he had a job!!  It's driving a truck which is what he wanted after passing all but one of his licences recently, but starting at 2am!!!  Since Monday he's been a very tired man and I hope he will cope with the change in routine but he is so happy to have a job doing what he likes.  With jobs being so scarce in New Zealand at the moment this is amazing!!

Sadly it's 8 kms away and I have taken him to work every day so far but yesterday he bought a ten speed so I can stay in bed.  YAY.  He's not afraid of exercise and used to walking everywhere.  He didn't get his licence till he was 29 but lost his job 2 years ago and had to sell his car. 

George who hates me taking his photo.  I love this one. 

During the week my grandson rang to say he'd passed his learners licence first go.  He and his parents will be really pleased.  George is still at school but a hard worker after school and weekends so eventually when he's finished his lessons etc he will be able to get there himself on wet days.  When it's fine he bikes too.  Loves mountain biking.

My Princess Olivia 7yrs old doing gymnastics this year.
Myra has finished her chemotherapy round yesterday, with excellent results so far.  I could have been there with her, the texts were going backwards and forwards all morning.  I felt like I was there and I am sooo happy for Myra.  She doesn't have to think about 'next time' now, she can CONTINUE to get well and feel better in herself.  AND I'M GOING TO SEE MYRA SOON!!  YAY.

I love my friends and I am so lucky to have the close friends I have.  I never feel alone.  This is my friend Emma who is also a breast cancer survivor.  Every year in New Zealand a 24 hour walk is held for fundraising and teams camp out for the day and night and take turns walking or running laps around a track.  There are fancy dress costumes, music, a lot of cheering and the atmosphere is electric.  Emma has been there every year.  She is so positive and bright and funloving.  Love her Madonna bra. 

At night they light candles in these paper bags and place them around the track.  Lovely Emma made one for Myra and me.  I love you Emma.


tizart said...

Great to see you blogging again! I miss you when you don't blog! Will we see you at Tote and Gloat? Emma looks great she sure is a hard case!!!!!

Chris H said...

How neat for your son, getting a job is so hard nowdays for sure.
Glad your friend Myra is doing so well.

Barb said...

Wonderfl news about your son and rasied a hard worker there.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Your grandchildren are so sweet and glad that your son has a job.
That is so neat that your friend Myra and Emma are doing well and the walk sounds like a great fundraising thing.
Don't know about your problems about the rejection of the blog and hope someone can help you.
Hope that you had a happy Mothers day and now wish you a great week ahead.