Monday, May 16, 2011


Quilt for Isaac
Today is Monday and I'm having a day off.  I'm not feeling 100% with a tummy bug.. but well enough to sit and sew.  I've been at a sewing Retreat all weekend and was hoping to finish my quilt for Isaac which I want to give to my sister on Saturday.. Running Late as Usual.  Well, after arranging and rearranging and reverse stitching, the top was ready but THEN......
I had bought Homespun for the backing.  Cheap, right colour but sadly ME who knows all (yeah right) was asked if I'd washed it.... ah.. ????  Well, turns out Homespun shrinks heaps and is not good for quilting soooooo  my lovely weekend came to an end and I raced off into Wellington to get some new backing. 

New backing.  The green is just an allowance which I'll cut off again.
While I was there I bought some batting for another quilt I'm making and they included the instructions for Warm and Natural batting.  Turns out it has to be washed and dried flat before using it.... Ding Ding.. I had planned to use that for Isaac's quilt too.. where were the instructions on the piece I bought 4 weeks ago???.  So now it's back to 80/20 batting and today I am hoping to get all the quilting done.  It's 11.14am so watch this space.

I'll leave you with some gorgeous quilts from Retreat.  I hope my friends won't mind me showing off their photos.
Phoebe's quilt absolutely beautiful
Colourwash by Mrs C . love the border fabric - all made from five inch squares
This is all made from curtain sample fabrics except the border. 
Autumn quilt by Jenny handquilted and hand embroidered.  A labour of love.

Eye Spy by Debbie

7pm and why didn't I do this quilt as you go???  I tried freemotion but ended up with my walking foot and straight line.  I'll agree I'm not a quilter, however time and money and the fact little Isaac won't care made me keep going.

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Chris H said...

I hope you finally got that quilt to the kid!
Lovely photos.
HOpe your tum is feeling better?