Monday, May 9, 2011


It was Mothers Day in New Zealand yesterday but for my friends overseas it is today.  so since I had problems last night downloading photos I thought I'd do this post today anyway.  This post is to honour all Mums, and those who haven't had children of their own but like my youngest sister are always 'doing' for everyone else's children.   

I am lucky enough to still have my Mum alive and well.  My Mum had a terrible childhood.  Her own mother ran away not long after this photo was taken and she never saw her mother again until she was 52.  Her stepmother was mean and nasty and physically abused her and her little brother.  As soon as she could she left home and moved into town to board with an aunty.

Mum and Dad on their wedding day.  Mum 5 foot nothing and Dad 6 foot 4 inches.  Mum worked as a dressmaker and made her own wedding dress.  It was gorgeous, so much detail but I none of the future girls in the family has a 19" waist on their wedding day! 

Mum and Dad had four children, my brother and us girls.  This is my sister in this photo.  And now she has 8 grandchildren and 5 greatgrandchildren. 

Mum and Dad, not long before he passed away.  When my grandson was 5 he asked Grandma if she was going to die soon.  She was a bit taken aback but assured him she wasn't and asked Why?  At school they had been told that as people get older they get shorter... Obviously he thought Grandma must have been as big as Granddad once!!   We have never stopped laughing about that.

All of her grandchildren are taller than dear old Mum and my eldest grandson towers above her but like she says "Good things come in small parcels" and they do!!


Chris H said...

Wow your Mum is a tiny wee thing!

Selvage Quilter said...

What an interesting story! After a tough childhood, your mom is surrounded by lots of love. Great photos, especially the top one. Haha. So sweet.