Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm still here. I've been very busy for the last week. Can't believe I have nearly finished a challenge 6 weeks before the competition. I'm usually doing them in the last week! I can put a photo in here because only one of my friends in the club knows I have a blog. This is all made from selvedges. I cut them off all my fabrics and a few friends have given me some too. I've run out of the bright green for the centre so this is as big as it gets. Selvedges are really interesting and some are quite gorgeous in their own right.

I've also cut most of the fabrics for my mystery half nighter quilt - 38 different fabrics and a dark, and a light (I have to cut them into 2" stripes and sew them together before the night).
And now I've got another great idea for the Go green challenge but I'll keep that one to myself for now. I have to work out how to put it into fabric ... the old grey matter ain't slowing down yet!


Chris H said...

I am impressed with the selvedges one! I never thought it would look like that! Awesome. My next one is called "Storm at Sea" and I'm doing it in the traditional style... Navy, blue and white. Can't wait to get started on it... but have to finish Brylee's one first! 360 buttons....HAND SEWN on.

Erilyn said...

Wow! the selvedge one looks great - and you have been busy!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What great progress you have made!

I am loving your quilt Karen and you must have been working so hard on it to get all that work done on it.

have a great Wednesday

Mary said...

It's gorgeous! I had fun making some selvage postcards but I'm not sure I'll ever make an entire quilt.

CarterQuilter said...

I love your selvedges!!! Very cute.
If you get tired of your other gorgeous fabric.. you can send it to me.
Cindy in Seattle

Amy said...

That selvages log cabin quilt is amazing! I have just recently started to save my selages. I'd love to do something like this with them one day.

Anonymous said...

I really like the selvage quilt and I'm glad you used the green center. I'm still saving selvages so I can make one of my own...Kathy

Anonymous said...

I really like your selvage quilt and I'm glad you used the green center. I'm still saving selvages to make one of my own...Kathy

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic selvedge quilt Karen. Nice to see a fellow New Zealander out in blog land. Well done. I've just started saving selvedges for a quilt project.

Greenmare said...

oh my oh my! I love the selvaged log cabin!!!! that is one awesome quilt!!!

Berna said...

What a good idea to use the Selvedges for your quilt.
Greetings from the Netherlands
by Berna