Sunday, March 1, 2009

computers grrr

Not sure what's been happening... whether broadband is extremely slow but for the last few days I haven't been able to get into my blog or the internet sometimes. My email downloads fine, connection is okay?? I'm not computer literate at all!
I've also had my baby staying for a week.. well he's nearly 30 but still I wonder! He moved into a flat on Thursday and hopefully starts work on a permanent job in the next few days.
I've started my selvedge quilt in a log cabin style. Thought green looked good but it's too busy so changing it to red.
Red fabrics need to be washed so I've just got it off the line and am ready to cut and start again.
I've finished the hydrangea (top that is) and I've cut all my batik squares for a mystery half nighter class I'm going to in 3 weeks. Any scraps I had left over I cut into squares and rectangles so I've been sewing some of them together while waiting for the red to dry. I hope I don't get any visitors today, my lounge looks like a fabric explosion!!

Now I've also found another idea for our RCQ challenge at Tote n Gloat in May. So now I'm also looking for coloured plastic bags. I can get red, yellow and white here where I live but if anyone knows what shops have different colours ie. green, black, grey,..... please let me know!! I have 6 weeks .... oh well I'm always running around at the last minute haha. It's just after symposium (which reminds me I have 9 blocks to make for that).
Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely sunny day today!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Yes, sunny here today and is a change from the wet day we had yesterday.
I have noticed the computer a little slower - takes a while to load things sometimes. I wonder if it is too many people using it all at once?

Look forward to seeing your quilt finished Karen - it will be great.

I hope that you are having a good Sunday and a lot of time for your


Chris H said...

No problems with computers here!
The selvedge blocks sure are BUSY... good idea switching to the red in the centre.

Helen said...

What are the 9 blocks you are doing for Symposium? Is everyone supposed to be doing them or just you?

Chris H said...

How the FUCK do you get your lines to match up? I have stitched 2 lots of 6 blocks together and they are supposed to match and line up... but of course they don't! It's driving me NUTS ... I have given up for now. I am getting CRABBY.