Sunday, February 15, 2009

A great weekend

Just a pic to show how much rain we had during the floods last week. This was just down the road from me outside one of the high schools. I think there were a few kids who thoroughly enjoyed having water this deep to walk home in. It's been lovely here since we had a cooler snap. so much more pleasant at night. Had my gorgeous grandson Cam for the weekend (9 next weekend). He was such great company, lots of laughs, watched videos, I sewed, he sewed and whileI sewed he even decided to do the dishes himself and I hadn't even mentioned it. He ate all his meals and his wicked sense of humour..I think he has a lot of my dad in him.

I told my daughter when she picked him up and she asked what I'd done with the real Cam! He even told me when he goes to Massey University he'll stay with me at weekends... of course he will if his girlfriend lives here haha.
I made Cam a placemat using a paper serviette and Modge Podge to put it onto canvas. It was really easy and 24 hours later it was fabric and I quilted it. I didn't have time to take a photo today but will next weekend. The serviette had a big pizza on it and I made cutlery from tomato, potato and strawberry (for desert) fabrics. Cam made a butterfly string from scraps of fabric for his new kitten.. hang it from above the door. And I had some cute Simpsons fabric called Where is Bart? so we put this onto a canvas and also put a small photo of Cam's head on top of the guy with the business suit. (Cam said he was a President!). It was a great weekend but I think I'll have a quiet night tonight and get cracking tomorrow after work on finishing things.


Draffin Bears said...

Wow the flooding must have been bad Karen and you must have had a lot of rain. We had to buy a load of water to fill our water tank.
Yes, we have cooler weather up here in the evenings which is nice.

Nice that your Grandson was able to stay over and sew and help you with the dishes - he is a good boy.

Have a good week

Chris H said...

Glad we were not there for the flooding... we were there last time it was that bad! I am starting a patchwork class tomorrow! fun.