Monday, February 2, 2009

The Book has arrived

Wow, it's arrived. My new book called "Quilts from the Selvege Edge" has arrived. I found out about it through the Selvege Blog .. have a look in my favourite blogs!
I've been cutting the selvedges off all my fabrics and now have a large plastic container full . I have to choose a pattern. I'm thinking log cabin with little squares of green in the middle. I'm making this for our club challenge in May.. the theme is GO GREEN! they are all so different, some quite arty and colourful. It's going to be fun, different but fun! Have to get my a into g.. it won't take long especially since Symposium is at Easter!! I have procrastinated tonight and went to visit a friend instead.
As for the scales. I thought they'd got stuck and hadn't moved for 3 weeks... but they have.. I gained .2 haha. Watch this space!


Elena said...

Isn't that the most wonderful, creative and inspiring book? Karen is such a talented quilter--I'm so glad you found her blog! Have lots of fun with your selvages--they provide inspiration for an endless number of colorful projects!!

Judy said...

I gotta get a scale with percentages of points! No worries, I'm sure if you keep plugging away you'll see a big drop soon!

Chris H said...

What? YOu can make a quilt using those bits! That's quite neat.. can't wait to see it.

Draffin Bears said...

Glad that your book has arrived Karen and I look forward to seeing your quilt.
That is going to be really great with all those colours.


donna said...

looking good kayjay
love the green :)