Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go to Victoria

It has rained here for 3 days. We've had flooding for the first time in years. Kids walking in water up to their knees in busy main streets. My back lawn is under water and yet in Victoria there is so much need for rain to put out the fires. It is devastating, the number of people who lost their homes, their livelihood and their family. And to think someone lit some of the fires on purpose. They could never suffer enough.


Anne said...

Totally agree - live in the same city as you and our water tanks are over flowing, water everywhere here.

Chris H said...

Too bloody right about those arsonist/murderers in Victoria! My niece Christina is right now having to go and find all the bodies.. she's a police officer. Rain... we finally have some!!!!

Chris H said...

Hmmm I thought I had commented on this post? Maybe not!
Now what do I think I said last time? Oh yes... we got rain here yesterday/last night.... such a relief.
And those arsonists/murderers in Victoria deserve to die. My niece is a Police Officer in Victoria and her job for the foreseeable future is looking for the victims. How awful for her. She's only been a Police Officer for 6 months.
If I have just repeated myself... delete one of the comments!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I heard on the news of the flooding down your way. I hope that the water will go away. What a heavy rainfall you must have had.

It is raining up here today and one of those days when you would like to stay in bed all day.
But there is washing to do and housework.

Have a good weekend