Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is coming!

I'm not getting very far into my new weight loss regime. Last night was our final meeting for the year of Rose City Quilters. And supper.. I was more restrained than normal and only had two pieces of a slice and one Hershey's Kiss. (I have to get my kisses somewhere!)
I've decided for every kg I lose I can BUY a fat quarter of fabric. So if I lose 4 kgs I can buy a metre!

Not sure why my quilt pic didn't show up (thanks Anne) but I'll try again.

Haven't blogged for a very long time but my friend Chris from dietcokerocks told me how to do it last year when I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm okay now so it's time for a new one and put that behind me. This is a quilt I made for my lovely Aunt who had a heart attack three days after my Dad's funeral. She suffered badly and is now in a hospital care rest home. It's so cruel watching someone so independant become so disabled so quickly. But I am so grateful that I can go and see her and my neat Uncle (who has lung cancer) most weekends. She loved her quilt, yellow is her favourite colour and as she's losing her eye sight due to diabetes it needed to be bright and colourful.

Quilting is really therapeutic and I just love it. I have so many ideas and so little time. If I can get stuck into something I know it will help with my weight loss.

On a closing note I picked up Dawn French's biography today from the Public Library. I've only read the first couple of chapters but it's just as funny as the Vicar of Dibley. And I'm off to the movies tomorrow to see Young at Heart. I've heard it is a really neat movie .. and I won't have lollies.. maybe some popcorn? and it's 11 pm again...been decluttering! I was going to have an early night... grrrr.. I wish I could get myself organised.

Night all

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Chris H said...

The quilt for your Aunty is fantastic! Popcorn from the movies is EVIL... so there!