Monday, June 24, 2013

On holiday

For the first time in 7  years I have got leave hours to use up before the beginning of the new year1 July. It seems every year since I started I've had some reason to use all my leave and more. I can only roll over 8  days and sp had 5  to  take or lose by the end of the week. No problem. Time to catch up with family and friends. In Napier first, my grandson Alex had his 8 birthday yesterday. Dad made a truck birthday cake. The kids had a great time at Laserforce. Then we went for a refreshing walk around Napiers lighthouse area.

This is a photo from the lighthouse to the port. A patch of blue sky shining on the hilltop houses. 

I'm mot really ofay with ipad blogging yet, 

Here is my granddaughter Olivia with her quilt at last. She has never let me forget she chose  this quilt out of a magazine when she was four. At the time I didn't know anything about raw edge appliqué but I soon learnt it was way out of my comfort zone. So here's Olivia, now 9 with her topiary bush at lasr. 

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June said...

Olivia's quilt looks just lovely Karen, well worth the angst! Are you back for the meeting Thursday?