Sunday, July 7, 2013


At the end of June my eldest daughter celebrated 20 years since a life saving liver transplant. To mark the occasion she wanted to set herself a challenge so she entered stars in their eyes, a fundraiser for the local primary school. Annette last sang when she was 16  years old in a school production go Grease. She was Sandy and I heard her sing for the first time on stage.

In Stars in their Eyes she portrayed Liza Minelli and sang Cabaret. It was awesome and she got 3rd place.  Annette had been having singing lessons and a friend helped her with choreography.

 This photo was taken on my birthday June 9 when Annette was invited to speak at the annual thanksgiving service for donors families and recipients. It was a very humbling experience but a wonderful opportunity for donors families to see how much their gift of life can do.
 This photo above is also the latest one of me since I've started seriously losing weight. I put on 10 kgs in a year since Myra died and was definitely feeling unwell. My neighbour started going to a place called Healthy Inspirations which has a weight loss programme and a gym circuit. It's a small friendly place and the staff give heaps of support. I love it because living alone makes it hard at times.

This was me when the World Cup was on in New Zealand Sept/Oct 2011.  Our team was Georgia and on Fridays we had to dress in those colours.  

So you can see how much weight I put ON since May 2012. Comfort eating. 
 This photo was in February this year just before I joined HI. I had never been this big before. I hardly cooked proper meals, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself!!!  Selfish ah.

But this week, I've lost 35 lb , the weight of this fish. I have dropped 2. Dress sizes and I feel so well no back ache, my plantar facilities is just a dull ache sometimes and my bp has dropped considerably.  Still a long way to go but I'm determined to get there.  I have wonderful friends who are supporting me and giving comments. I must say that does make me very inspired to keep going. 


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Lovely to be able to catch up with you again and well done for the weight loss and healthy living. Go girl... that is great.
Also how neat for Annette to go in Stars in your eyes, she looks fabulous as Liza and congratulations for her win.
Thanks for visiting me and as for Mum, she is doing ok but after the last fall and broken hip to the other leg, she is mostly in a wheelchair now, which she finds frustrating. Hope you and your family are all doing well and sending hugs

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
it feels so good, to read this post and I hope entirely, that you'll loose more weight with the help of this institution you're joining. But nevertheless, you're looking friendly, charming and I hope, that we'll meet soon. It'll be a honour an fun, to have you here with me!!!
Hugs n' kisses, Martina

Chris H said...

You are doing bloody well Chick! Soon you won't even fit the clothes I sent you, or maybe they are already too big!

Chris H said...

You are doing bloody well girl!

Chris H said...

So... I think I've stuffed up the comments! If I'm right, you will get three from me!
Oh well... better than none.