Sunday, June 9, 2013

This is gonna be A day to remember

Today is my 56 birthday, no big deal normally, but today 20 years ago I flew to Brisbane, Aistralia to wait until Annette could get a liver transplant. I had half my 36 birthday in NZ and the rest of it in Brisbane. It was a very happy but emotional time for both of us but I'm glad to say she continues to live life to the max since that day.

I will post photos later its a pain I have to save them to Picassa. Today Annette has been asked to speak at the annual thanksgiving service for donors here in Wellington so she'll be here soon. Im thinking it might be an emotional service so I have tissues! I have never forgotten the experiences we had but it was also a wonderful time being with my 19 year old daughter for nearly 5 months in another country.

Right I better get on to the looking beautiful business. None of my girls or my mum know I've been losing weight so it will be interesting to see if they notice. 14 kgs now (about 30 lb  ).

Have an awesome day everyone.


June said...

How marvellous Karen, great memories indeed! And well done with the weight loss, we have been noticing. Have an extra great day!

Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

Happy Birthday and what a wonderful way to share it with your loved ones. Congratulations on the weight loss too - you must be feeling fabulous!

stufenzumgericht said...

Happy Birthday to you, although, I'm a little bit too late ;-) I hope you don't mind, there will be somethinh on its way to you ;-) Have a very nice day, hugs and kisses, Martina