Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Quilt

Bonnie Hunter at Quiltsville is posting today about her first quilt and has invited others to post about theirs.  My first quilt was made in January 2005 when I lived in Hamilton.  I always said I'd never do patchwork.. all that cutting with scissors .. but then I met Myra and she showed me how it was done.  Well, I was hooked and 2 weeks later I had my mothers 50 year old Bernina, fabric and a project under way.  My friend Margaret's daughter Anna was getting engaged  that year and her favourite colours were red, white and blue. 

I made a double sized raggy quilt and put hearts on bigger blocks.  Somewhere I even wrote their names in gold paint.. eeek.. It looks terrible now.  But I believe Anna still has it.

I left Hamilton in March of that year and before I left I made this wallhanging for Myra to say thank you for teaching me patchwork ( now I think it's like being a pimp - she got me hooked haha!) 

Myra's House of Threads!   I made it up using different applique patterns.  Look at those buttons - must have been the start of something else way back then.. eeek.  Oh dear, not much quilting... . sad! 

I think I should have done a few quilts before I gave them away haha. 


Barb said...

Oh...Your quilts are wonderful for being a look what you can do. How is Myra?

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
your first quilt really looks stunning - can't believe, that you've never done PW before ;-) The present, you've sewn for Myra is looking so beautiful that she'll surely thought, that she had done a good job in teaching you PW ;-)
Hugs from Martina

GittaS said...

Lovely quilt, congratulations!!
Have a nice Adventtime.
Hugs from Germany

Chris H said...

My first quilt was the one I made for Griffin... remember? I had you promise to finish it if I died during my surgery! lol
We always look at our first one and think it's awful!

Anonymous said...

I bet they are well loved none the less!

Lynne in Hawaii

Nanci said...

Oh Kay, so cute and so brave to post a first...I see that you made this up yourself which says it all. I know that it was well received by the young couple.
| know the hooked feeling too.
hope you are well.
Merry Christmas.