Wednesday, November 23, 2011

80 years young

The winner of the Wellington sign competition judged this week.  This one designed by Saatchi and Saatchi to represent Windy Wellington.  It will be erected on the Miramar Hill so it can be seen when planes are flying in to the airport.
Wellington is well known for its windy weather and the last few days have been especially wild.  I think this could be the windiest I've ever experienced since moving here.  I work on the 6th floor and the wind has slammed against the windows, really giving us a fright haha.. and the building is on rollers so it wobbles a bit in the strong gusts.  It's really quite amazing but frightening to drive in.  My son drove his truck with canvas sides during the wind on Monday morning..I think it's the worst day of his career so far!

I hate the wind though at this time of the year, there is so much pollen and stuff in the air!  I have been really ill with asthma and hayfever for the last few weeks and even had two days off because I was so breathless.  I've been on steroids and antibiotics for the last few days so hopefully will start to pick up again now.  Hence my absence from blogging.  I have been soooo tired!!! 

To catch you up here is my Kaelidoscope quilt on the design wall.  It's not sewn together yet but I think it's looking good.

last weekend Ken and I drove to Dannevirke to celebrate my Mum's 80th birthday.  My little sister arranged the venue and caterer etc etc so all I had to do was put photos on a board. 
Table decorations for Mum's party.  Simple but awesome colours. 
My Mum, 80 years old, a very little lady (scarcely 5 ft - my Dad ws 6ft 4") but we knew who ruled the roost haha.  Very few gray hairs.. I do hope I take after my Mum.  She's never home!!  Social Butterfly.

This was the organza brooch I made for her to wear.  I saw a video on You Tube and using fabrics from a waterfall of organza and one of my special buttons it was made in no time.  I've carried on .. maybe I'll hang them on the christmas tree.  I oversinged this one but it still looks okay.


MrsC said...

OMG you look so much like your Mum!!! Even more than I look like mine! Wonderful. I want to know how to make those organe brooches please Ma'am xo

Chris H said...

What a gorgeous brooch!
You look a lot like your Mum Karen!