Friday, July 20, 2012

Landscapes with Anne Jolly

Why do my pictures come out sideways ????
Hi everyone.  Thanks to those of you for your messages and emails of sympathy.  It has been a hard few weeks and I have been absolutely lazy and done nothing!!!  I've missed Myra so much but something happened to me two weeks ago.  My heart started racing again at 2am and I ended up back in hospital.  The emergency dept was frantic and it was a couple of hours later when the Dr arrived to try and put a lure in and my heart suddenly went back to normal!  Yay, I got to walk home at 4am because I hadn't taken my purse but on the way I could think of nothing else but Myra had told me not to cry for too long, not to sulk but to get on and enjoy life for the both of us.  She also said if I did cry for too long she'd push me over!  Well after a day off feeling really yuck, the next day I was better than I had been for weeks.  Then this week it happened again but I didn't go to the hospital and sure enough it went back to normal again...

Time to start looking after myself and get out and about again.  I'm laughing, smiling and getting my sense of humour back.  Don't get me wrong I still miss her heaps but I have so many wonderful memories and so much fabric to use up now!!
If you can turn your head 90 degrees these are my landscape quilts (or the start of them) which I made last weekend at a 2 day course with Anne Jolly.  It was fantastic and a lot of fun.  I'll try and put more photos up the right way soon.  This weekend is a sewing day on Sunday with friends and I'm going to get cracking on my Granddaughters quilt.  It is way out of my comfort zone but I'm going to give it a go!!!

See you all again very soon x x x


June said...

Good to see you blogging again Karen - will pick you up this Thursday for the meeting?

Chris H said...

I'm glad you are moving onwards Chick, it's what Myra would have wanted for you.