Saturday, April 21, 2012

While the cats away the mice will play UPDATED

"Sista's Forever - Myra & Me"
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.  My holiday with Myra was wonderful, so rewarding and lots of fun.  Myra is managing well with a bit of help and I am so pleased she isn't in the rest home.  She is an amazing independant woman and I love her heaps.  She's an awesome friend or sista I should say.  One of the nurses in the hospital thought we were sisters so we've decided we are 'sista's" hence the name on my quilt above. I did finish my quilt with Myra up to the binding.  I am just sewing the binding on and embroidering the label and then I'll post more photo.  It's not perfect but it's finished and will look lovely on my bed.

Angelina at the Family Court because she's been abandoned
Meanwhile here's a little story.  My colleague Tania has gone to Sydney for 3 weeks.  She has a doll? that has some sentimental attachment and "Angelina" sits on her window sill at work.  While Tania is away Angelina sits in her chair and 'minds' her desk haha.  Well, this time she hasn't been very obedient and has been running away.  I've caught her in all sorts of places......
Partying up with NZ Tui Beer and smoking.  Naughty Angelina!

Fish and chips in the park at night.  I caught her chatting up the security guards.

Wow, at last she's behaving.  I took her to sewing last night and she was very happy

Down at the dairy getting into the lollies. 

Getting tired of her behaviour so I took her to the op shop to teach her a lesson
Tania's back on Monday so this weekend I'm making Angelina a pretty  purple dress with lace and trimmings because Tania doesn't like purple or lace haha.  She's a really fun lady to work with so I'm sure she's been enjoying the daily updates of Angelina's pranks.

And here is Angelina today in her beautiful organza frock, with button bracelet, heart necklace and camelia in her hair and for Tania.  Tania loved it and enjoyed the updates on Facebook.  It's great to have her back at work, Tania is a really happy personality and lots of laughs.  So today the office has that gorgeous hum again.  What a difference one person can make.

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Chris H said...

OOO Angelina's antics are funny... can't wait to see her new purple dress.
Love the quilt too Chick, well done.