Thursday, March 1, 2012

The little things in life

I think this one is just gorgeous.  What a beautiful wall hanging it would make.
The highlight of my days at home on sick leave has been watching the caterpillars on my self seeded swan plant outside my lounge window.

My neighbours plant was eaten in no time so she has put her caterpillar babies on mine.. It is now covered in them, and crysalis's and day to day beautiful monarch butterflies.   

Another great achievement was to put some more of my buttons on cards.  Most of my buttons I've found in cheap bulk lots of buttons from Trade Me so I'm really wrapped now that I can fill up some cards.  Here's two (just so I don't bore you all). 
Silver and Blue on black glass.

Gold on black glass. 
The photos don't do them justice. I've also spent time looking through my magazines from Germany which Martina sends me often.  They are full of beautiful and colourful projects.  So many of them I want to do.  But everytime I look through a magazine I notice something different.  Here's some lovely quilts and bags I'd love to make ONE DAY from the magazines.

 Yesterday I started feeling normal again.  16 days after surgery and no pain.  I am on the second course of antibiotics and they appear to have worked.  Touch Wood.
Last night I fell down the stairs at my friends house and woke during the night with a very sore and swollen foot.  Have had xrays but nothing is broken thank goodness.  Just a very bruised and swollen wrenched 2nd toe which is now taped and bearable.

I think I must be a Drama Queen. I have felt sorry for myself and wondered if I was ever going to feel better but I am also inpatient.  but I do realise this is nothing compared to what others are suffering.  

Please say a prayer or send positive vibes to my friend Myra and others who are suffering right now.  I wish I could do something to stop this horrid Cancer that is ruining the lifes of people I love.  But for now I can only support and love them and stay strong.  

I'm going to check my lotto ticket numbers now.  I'm sure I've won and then I can book flights to see Myra tomorrow, complete with walking stick, haha.  And maybe I won't go back to work on Monday... won't that be nice!

UPDATE:  Not even close!


MrsC said...

Bummer!! And it's not like you didn't win cos we did either... :(

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

So sorry, to read about your ordeal with your operation, I missed reading your post.
You poor dear and you have been having such a bad run.
Love the Monarch butterflies and your beautiful buttons.

Look after yourself, sending hugs and hope you feel better
Enjoy the weekend, hope the weather is not too bad there, we have had strong winds and rain off and on all day.

Carolyn xo