Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 down 4 to go!

I wish I was up in the Waikato again today.  Myra is back in hospital  having her second round of chemotherapy.  Although she texts several times today I wish I could be there to keep her company again.  It was really awesome being with her during her last treatment and holding her hand when the first drug was started.

Last night I rang and Myra felt she had just started feeling like she had some energy again and now it's back to hospital.  Ironic ah!  Yesterday, she finished her purple quilt so she was really pleased.

Myra's taken some hexagons to sew together in hospital over the next three days. They are gorgeous.  I never thought I'd be interested in sewing hexagons but they do look so pretty sewn up and what a relaxing thing to do in hospital.

Big hugs Myra.  I know there are a lot of beautiful quilters sending their thoughts and prayers for you today and everyday.   You are such an inspiration... Love and hugs.
Speaking of which, I'd better go and find something for me to take to hospital tomorrow night.  Just having routine tests but I need something to do or I'll go nuts. 

Is anyone having trouble downloading photos into their blog.  When I click on a photo I end up with one that's totally different???  I'd have given you a photo of Myra's quilt but it downloaded my granddaughter's plait on Boxing Day???

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabrics from Lyon, France

Today I went into Wellington to, another gorgeous fabric shop.  I'd been there before Christmas and noticed she had some French General Fabrics.

I needed something to match these fabrics which my sister bought back from Lyon, France

Debbie doesn't sew but she saw this shop and knew my other sister Raelene and I would love some fabric from overseas.  She sent us photos of just to make us jealous haha.
The shop in Lyon, France 
Anyway at Piece by Piece I bought a panel of French General fabric which will blend in really well.

the colour in the photo is not good.  It does match the other reds
I have 8 fat quarters and 30 pictures now so plenty to be shared between the three of us.  I'm thinking placemats or a table runner for my sisters and I will make myself a wall hanging.  One day I might get some buttons from France to put on it. 

While I was there I found the fabric that was used to make this quilt
I loved it when I saw it at Coast to Coast so I also walked out with
I'm making one for my new Great Nephew to be born in March and I think I might put a teddy bear here and there hence the brown.  Stacey wanted neutral colours but on the back I'll make it bright and boyish.

Finally I couldn't resist a photo with Laura the Clydesdale horse at Nelson Airport.  It was created at Mapua, near Nelson, by Arthur Hawke from used horseshoes.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hearts and Fabrics

Gorgeous Heart blocks from Kiwiquilters and friends around New Zealand.  Some quilters sent more than one but they are all pinned together and I was on my way home.  Sorry.
Im home from my holiday with Myra who had her first Chemo treatments while I was there.  3 days in hospital and no problems however she has a very sore throat this week.   My prayers are that she will get through the rest of the treatments with minimal side effects.  Here are the photos of the heart blocks Myra has received and we both want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to make these beautiful blocks and to give encouragement and support in cards and letters.

Heart Blocks from all around the World, England, Canada, Austria, Germany, USA, Australia.  They are absolutely beautiful.

Finally I finished one of mine but I didn't have enough of the selvege which says Paua 100% bla bla.  So now I'm on the hunt for it and Myra will stitch it on.  Its not the best photo but the button in the centre of the round paua is shaped as a heart. The fabric is of course New Zealand Paua Shells.
I think I posted yesterday about the excitement when she received one from Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA where they make choclate!  There were two lovely hearts as well as fabric (with chocolates on them of course) and postcards etc.   Quilters are so kind. 

I managed to finish Olivia's quilt except for the handsewing and binding which are 'go to group' jobs when I can't take my machine.

Quilt as you go - A double sided quilt everytime.
I've also started my 1930's squares from the jelly roll etc as Myra gave me an excellent idea of putting calico squares with old embroidered doillies... buttons.. and yoyo's.. in between the blocks.  I couldn't wait to start.  it's going to look gorgeous.  Myra had already made a similar quilt.   So several doillies later out of suitcase no 7 and I have all I need to finish this quilt. 

Myra spent time completing her second 'purple' quilt.  Years ago she participated in a purple block swap with friends in USA and South Africa.  Myra loves Quilt as you Go and after finishing one in this way she undid the second top and is putting it back together QAYG.  It's so easy and fast.  .

We spent a little bit long as you say at the Quilt Shops.. of course I had to go to Wright Fabrics in Morrinsville.  (It was only two blocks away!)  Milton has a fabulous special on at the moment with 10 Half Metres of Batik for $60.00.  They are yummy and I just love Batiks.  At that price you can't lose ah. 

fabric from Wright Fabrics, Morrinsville
 I also went to Grandmothers Garden and bought a couple of pieces of 1930's fabrics and to Morelands Fabric Barn in Hamilton where I managed to find 12 different fabrics to go in the quilt at $11.95 a metre.

One day we went to Te Aroha, a small town nearby where we went to a fabric shop - I can't remember the name but they have a fabulous selection and the staff are so helpful.  It was one of the friendliest shops.  And we went to the antique shop and the secondhand shops, something we both enjoy.  I managed to score this basket for $10.  I was so happy.  I'm sure Myra would have bought it if I hadn't hehe.. She loves baskets.
Finally for today I went to visit the girls at Arthur Toye in Palmerston North where I used to live.  I worked 5 metres away so they know me by my first name!!!   And I couldn't leave the shop empty handed in their 1/2 price sale.  I bought the backing fabric for my 1930's quilt at $7.00 metre.

I hope you are all well and have had a happy holiday season.  My  heart goes out to the people of Queensland who have the most horrific floods.  I am so saddened to see the devastation of homes and buildings that I remember so well.  The foot bridge at South Bank broke its moorings even and sailed down river.  It is a huge bridge but the force of water is incredible.  So much destruction.

And now I'm off to Nelson this afternoon to stay with my sister for a few days before back to work on Tuesday.  Eeek.. I quite like being on holiday in summer.  Hehe.  My problem is I'm trying to take a smaller bag but I need to get fabric and stuff and magazines in it too.. thinking I might take 2 sets of clothes and wash everyday.. haha... fabric is far more important!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.  Isn't this little fella gorgeous.  He's only 13 months but has been walking since 10 months.  I love this photo.. Wonder what he's thinking?? 

Christmas was a lovely day with my daughter Annette, her husband Brendan and my grandson Cameron and my son Ken togethere with Brendan's family. This little fella is Brendan's great nephew!

I've just returned from my holiday and I have had an awesome time catching up with friends and especially with Myra.  Two weeks went by and it seemed like I'd only been there a few days (Even Myra agreed haha!).  We had a lot of good fun time together before her Chemo. 
I tried to get photos of Myra who is photophobic like me.  I even went into the other room and was trying to surprise her but she knew what I was up too!!  Haha  However I did persuade her to have a photo in hospital of her BEFORE Hair... She's hoping it'll grown back thick and curly!! 

Firstly I helped by unpacking her boxes of craft and fabric.  It's so much fun unpacking someone else's treaure.  You don't know what is in the next parcel!!!  And I moved furniture.  One afternoon she opened her bedroom door and couldn't believe her eyes haha.  I'd moved some of the furniture around the lounge/sewing room.  Hehe.  I put up shelves and displayed her beautiful collections.  And of course Myra had Zillions of Buttons... oh joy!  I had to play!!

Look at these beautiful colourful old suitcases all filled with old treasures including the doillies she gave me for my quilt.
Myra is so grateful for all the beautiful heart blocks she has received from Kiwiquilters and friends in New Zealand and from quilters overseas who have sent hearts and parcels to show her they care.  Most of the hearts are received from strangers but it is so healing receiving such beautiful treasures.  While I was there Myra received 2 more packages and the look on her face and the excitement in her voice was awesome.  So on behalf of Myra and myself thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.  When Myra is feeling a lot better I'm sure she'll work out a plan for one or even two quilts. 

I'll post photos on the next post of the hearts.  For some weird reason Blog is downloading photos I haven't selected????  Those who sent 2 or more .. the hearts are pinned together to the envelopes and I didn't undo them for the photo as I was leaving.