Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabrics from Lyon, France

Today I went into Wellington to, another gorgeous fabric shop.  I'd been there before Christmas and noticed she had some French General Fabrics.

I needed something to match these fabrics which my sister bought back from Lyon, France

Debbie doesn't sew but she saw this shop and knew my other sister Raelene and I would love some fabric from overseas.  She sent us photos of just to make us jealous haha.
The shop in Lyon, France 
Anyway at Piece by Piece I bought a panel of French General fabric which will blend in really well.

the colour in the photo is not good.  It does match the other reds
I have 8 fat quarters and 30 pictures now so plenty to be shared between the three of us.  I'm thinking placemats or a table runner for my sisters and I will make myself a wall hanging.  One day I might get some buttons from France to put on it. 

While I was there I found the fabric that was used to make this quilt
I loved it when I saw it at Coast to Coast so I also walked out with
I'm making one for my new Great Nephew to be born in March and I think I might put a teddy bear here and there hence the brown.  Stacey wanted neutral colours but on the back I'll make it bright and boyish.

Finally I couldn't resist a photo with Laura the Clydesdale horse at Nelson Airport.  It was created at Mapua, near Nelson, by Arthur Hawke from used horseshoes.


carole brungar said...

Some gorgeous fabrics there Karen!! I liked the sound of your shopping trip too!I must find that store next time I'm down there! LOL

Leeann said...

That's one cool horse!

MrsC said...

Sacre bleu, zey are magnificent!!! You can make ze beeootiful qilt francaise from zeez fabriques. ;-)

Chris H said...

*drool*... all the fabrics are gorgeous.
Love the photo of you too.

Susan said...

These fabrics you got are truly beautiful! Can't wait to see your finished products with them!