Friday, April 1, 2011

Shirty Quilts

One of my quilting buddies is making a quilt from cotton shirts and it's gorgeous.  They have to be 100% cotton so I put out a feeler at work to see if any of the blokes had cotton shirts in their bottom drawer.  So far I've received 7.  The gorgeous purple one was my Uncle's but it's polycotton.. A little bit in a quilt might be okay???.

I need heaps to make a scrappy shirt quilt so will keep asking around.  I hope to find all sorts of different colours and patterns... Can't wait!   The op shops here charge heaps for shirts now but I have asked one to save me the ones they throw out with rips etc. 

Who's made a quilt from shirts... what pattern did you use? 

Now, for those of you who have emailed about my display board... I used 3 thick flannel backed tablecloth's which I wrapped around and then stapled to the canvas. 

The blocks just cling to it, no need for pins, and they stay upright so you can look at it often and work out what block looks good where. 

 I've been wanting a cute pincushion for awhile.. my one and only pincushion was a freebie from Symposium once and looks a bit sad now. 
Don't you just love this one which is featured on Martina's blogIt's gorgeous.

This weekend.. lots of last minute sewing..

I need to make a School house block and a Bird House block by Monday night.  I have to finish my tree so I can give it to my friend.  And put together Isaac's quilt.... So I hope the weather is a little dull and cool, then I have a good excuse to stay inside and sew!!!  hehehe  Do I need an excuse??? 

Hope you're having a great weekend whereever you are.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a neat idea making quilts from old shirts.
I will see if there are any old shirts around here.
That is such a good idea to display your quilts on the board.
I hope that you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your sewing.


Coloradolady said...

Friend, we have a goodwill store here that sells mens shirt for 1.00. I'd be happy to send you some, if you let me know what colors, and types you might want. I have lots of shirts already cut up waiting to be turned into a quilt.

This post is one that I used shirts only for. Still not finished with the top, but it will be finished before long.

Let me know about the shirts...I'd be happy to do it!!

Chris H said...

I see you are as busy as ever!
What is a flannel backed tablecloth, where do I get one?

Leeanne said...

Hi Kayjay!
A fellow kiwi! I have been collecting check shirts for sometime now and you are right they are on the pricy side here in N.Z, not like how Bonnie Hunter gets them soooo cheap! Anyway so far I have only made one and it was a raggy quilt, we all love it, cat included.I plan to make more.I am eyeing up some of my hubby shirts, he is ever so kind to buy nice 100% cotton, he is planing for my future!

Anonymous said...

I made Gyleen Fitzgeralds Tesselating Star out of shirts. LOVE IT! Go to her web site to see a pic.
Pamela in SOMD