Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper Piecing - Advice please

I've made some squares using paper piecing but now I have to slip stitch a quarter circle on each one.. Do I take the paper out first or slip stitch through the paper too .... then pull the paper off????  I photocopied the patterns and used that as the base.

Luckily for me I don't have to hand the quilt in till 9 May so two more weeks and a bit to get it finished.. Huge sigh of relief... but I'm stuck..

Do I or don't I???  Quilters please tell me what you would do.

LATER - I figured it out.  After putting this post on my blog I had a go.. and slip stitched through the fabric only .. gonna take me awhile but I will take them to work and I have two groups to sew with this week.. they are club members but I'll hide ..... Back to it.. Thank you for your advice.. Mrs C .. the shirt.. I'd love to see what you did!!


MrsC said...

I don't know what the official response is Karen, but I wouldn't try hand stitching through paper, pulling the paper off may wreck your stitching. If you slip stitch it carefully however there's no need for the needle to go through the paper at all. But that could take forever. I think you should try taking it off one and see how it goes. I got the challenge Fat Q and ended up using it in a shirt for a friend, I just could NOT think of a thing to do with it. I'm doing the other challenge instead ;-)

Betweens said...

I myself would take the paper off...make sure that all your pieces have the quarter in seam allowance so that when you sew them all together they will all match..

Barb said...

Glad you got it figured out.

MrsC said...

As the recipient of the shirt is also the owner of one of the quilts I'm exhibiting, I'll try to get himt o come to the show and wear it. There's a story behind it that I wouldhave to tell you in person, it's too naughty for a blog! :)

Leeanne said...

Hi I see you have figured it out.If you pop over to my blog I have a link to sue Daley's tutorial..she is the paper piecing queen.I love to paper piece, but it is time consuming, Sue show's you a time saver.
best of luck.