Thursday, April 22, 2010

A busy week

I am making progress.  Took a hugh sigh when I realised I'd made a mistake with the dates for the challenge quilt so now it's so much easier to relax and enjoy it. Still got to make a bag out of a bra as well but I have all the bits and pieces and shouldn't take long.  will be a good project to do the handsewing while at tote and gloat next Saturday. 

today I found out i survived another restructure.. I probably have to do other jobs as well but new skills are good.. another thing to add to my CV in the future.  I love the work I do and I know I'm lucky, very lucky to have a job. But I am so exhausted today... I guess relieved the waiting is finally over... this time!

Nette arrives home tomorrow from Oz.  Going by her facebook page she's really enjoyed the conference and my grandson had a wonderful surprise at Seaworld.  He was chosen out of the audience to swim with the dolphins... Oh I am so jealous.  I always wanted to do that.  There used to be a dolphin called Karen at Marineland.  Until someone killed her by throwing nails into the pool.  I was heartbroken and only about 10!  Was just so special to have a dolphin named after me... hehehe

Tomorrow night I have the Fat Quarter Floozies coming to my place.  I hope we all fit haha.  I really love meeting people . there won't be any home baking.. it would be a flop!  I think I baked a cake in 1995 but probably ate it all myself!  haha..

Anyway my lovely friends.  I'm off to bed EARLY.  It's 9.35 . 2 hours before my bedtime but I don't think I can keep my eyes open for Project Runway... have to tape it.  Take care and happy stitching


Chris H said...

You are such a worry-wart! Stew said your job would be fine... seems he was proved right.
Glad you have more time for your challenge.
Wish I could join you for the Fat Quarter Floozies get together! I is lonely up here!

I am happy to send you a card if you want one.... have you seen one on my blog you like???

MrsC said...

PR was a good one too! ;-) Hey fantastic news, all round. See you tomorrow xo