Monday, September 16, 2013

Pretty...... Not!

It's been a week since my fall and although the pain is not as intense as it was then, I still have it! My ribs on that side and that side of my hand ache all the time and look out if I Sit down the wrong way. I'm putting oil on my face to prevent scarring but...
8 days later
I've had heaps of attention at work. I told a couple of the guys "nobody pinches my fabric, you want to see the other girl!" Hehe. 

I had to go to the Dr on Friday as I had an earache. Turns out my sinus is probably be infected from the injury to my face and your ears are in the same passage so this is normal? Abs again! Will I ever get back to losing weight again. No exercise at the moment!  

Chris at DietCokeRocks wants to display some of her precious buttons. These are two ideas I've found on the net, Chris. I am Gunna do one. I say Gunna because if I eventually do everything I'm gunna do, I will be here till I'm 150 !  

I love them both but this one is stunning. 4 canvases and paint them 
or even cover them with hand dyed fabric?? 

Well. Short and sweet but I have to go to work! So I will add some more later. 

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Chris H said...

The one with 4 canvases is amazing.
I've seen the other one somewhere, it's really pretty too.

I hope that your injuries heal and stop being a pain soon mate.

Like you, I've got far too many projects I want to do...