Sunday, December 9, 2012

I have pictures again!!!

The Wedding Cake made by Paula's daughter.  So pretty.
It worked.  At last maybe (fingers crossed) I'm back on My Fat Quarter.  Surprise Surprise!!  Wow, so where do I start??  

Well, exciting news in September.  My son Ken went to Montana, USA and 6 weeks later married Paula who he'd met on Facebook 18 months ago.  I didn't know about it but had an idea that Paula was someone important.  He hadn't said much because Paula is just a bit younger than me! I probably would have preached at him if I'd known but I'm glad he didn't tell me because I've had time to get to know Paula and she is awesome.  She is very intelligent, a hard worker and a beautiful soul.  I love to chat on the phone, they both have a great sense of humour, very quick witted.  I often end up laughing with them.  They are so compatible and happy.  

My son is a different person, he has found someone who loves all the things he loves like country music, war aeroplanes, history and animals.  (He got none of those from me.)  

I watched the wedding on the internet.  Saw the whole ceremony plus all the family and friends that were watching over the web could leave messages on the site while we were watching.  Ken spoke to me while he waited for Paula (I could have kissed him, he was so close hehe). Technology is awesome huh.  

I miss him heaps, but its cheap for me to ring them and one day I'll go up there and visit.  
the snow today.  
Maybe not in Winter though!  This is where they live and they only got an inch but in town 10 minutes away they got 6 inches.  They live in a sheltered area but I bet its still cold.  
One of their 6 dogs - they have to follow Ken and Paula outside haha.

So now Ken has 10 step grandchildren from 1 - 12, the children of Paula's 2 sons and 1 daughter.   I wanted to make them something for Christmas and decided on placemats.. wouldn't cost much to post.

I ended up making one for each of the family including Paula's mum, and her brother, the in-laws and all the children.  They can use them on Christmas Day.  I've made everyone different so the kids will always know which one is there's.  They arrived today in plenty of time.  
Fruit and Veges - Christmas colours.

For one of the children.

For Paula who loves her 8 horses too.

For one of the granddaughters who is horse mad!

Ken told me to put All Blacks rugby fabric on the back of some for the men!  I think he's enjoying the banter.

Well I am so excited that my blogger is working again.  woohoo.  And I will be back with more posts on what I've been doing in the last 6 months since Myra passed away.  I'm feeling good now but it has been really hard.  I know she'll be glad I have been sewing again.  Maybe that has helped!  

We'll chat again soon.  Luv Karen


stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
for sure sewing is like a cure agains all the things we're suffering from! I'm so happy, that your blog works again and that you are fine although of the earthquake. Take care, hugs, Martina

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Loverly to have you back sweet one xoxo

Chris H said...

Lovely to see your son happy and settled.
The placemats were a good idea.

Chris H said...