Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends.  I am taking off to Napier now to see my 3 grandchildren and on the way I will call in and see Cameron aged 11 and my Mum in Dannevirke.  Want to get an early start to beat the traffic.  I won't be back until Wednesday night and hope to visit friends in Palmy on the way home.

My sister sent me this photo via pxt but isn't it gorgeous.  she made the playmat and then her son-in-law made the frame to go over the top, and she covered that too.  Raelene made buttonholes in the mat for the frame to go through and then they hung Isaac's toys from the frame.  Much cheaper than the ones in the shop and what a lot of fun.  And Isaac is now 6 weeks old and moving into his cot very soon so I'm taking my sewing with me. 

Special Hello to Myra and lots of hugs.  Turn that no 6 on its head this time girl.  But I am praying that your hands and feet heal so you can have that LAST chemo soon!!  Party in June when I come up ah. 

And thankyou to Martina for another lovely surprise present.  I love the Patchwork magazines from Germany and I have to make a quilt I've seen in this last magazine.  It is so unusual but gorgeous.  I can't wait to start it and show it off at club. 

I must go so everyone drive carefully, enjoy the family or friends or a peaceful time at home (ohhhhhh) and this is me over and out.  Luv Ya's.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My weekly? ramble

I can't believe I haven't posted for over a week. I always find the week after daylight saving ends is really tiring.  Getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark.. I hate it but I'll get used to it, my body clock just needs to get tuned into it again.  (Daylight Saving = In New Zealand we turn our clocks forward in summer so we have an extra hours daylight, and then back again in April.)

Yesterday I went to Government House which is New Zealand I guess is like our "palace"??  However after walking the steep incline to the home there was a 2 hour queue so we never went inside.  Instead we peeked in the windows at the grandeur of it all. 

The view of Wellington from the front verandah
 Jenny waited to get inside and there are photos on her blog.
I had a lovely surprise this week to get another parcel from Martina in Germany.  This gorgeous card accompanied the latest issue of their patchwork magazine, some pretty buttons and beautiful rose fabric.  I was so excited when I found a parcel in the post I couldn't wait to open it.  I think this card is a beautiful picture and would make a lovely quilt... or another UFO??.  Or maybe I should just frame it haha.  Thank you Martina. 

Lovely tree quilt in magazine.

Owls.. and circular too.. Owls seem to be all -in-fashion with quilting fabric!

Now this is stunning and a must do.. I love the red. so warm and vibrant. Red  appears to be the 'in' colour this year in decorating and fashion.

My scraps.. remember the green I posted before... I have yet to make the tree from the brown with a little sunlight in behind it... and the blue bird in the tree. 

But here I have quilted leaves.. It's a multi coloured green and silver thread but doesn't show up well in the photo.  I'm going to cut the leaves out to put on the tree.

Today I went to the first class of Sheryl Anacich's Strawberry Fields.  We made the top for the quilt today.  I was amazed to get it finished in one day and I'm really happy with the result.   
At the next class we quilt it and then in July we make flowers as on this one below and quilt them onto the top.  I will be making some of my flowers in plainer fabrics to go on the flowery blocks.  This quilt was all out of my stash except 2 pieces which altogther cost $15.00.  I really enjoyed the class with Sheryl.  And to top it all Sheryl's mum made beautiful scones with home made strawberry jam and cream for morning tea... Diet gone again! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shirty Quilts

One of my quilting buddies is making a quilt from cotton shirts and it's gorgeous.  They have to be 100% cotton so I put out a feeler at work to see if any of the blokes had cotton shirts in their bottom drawer.  So far I've received 7.  The gorgeous purple one was my Uncle's but it's polycotton.. A little bit in a quilt might be okay???.

I need heaps to make a scrappy shirt quilt so will keep asking around.  I hope to find all sorts of different colours and patterns... Can't wait!   The op shops here charge heaps for shirts now but I have asked one to save me the ones they throw out with rips etc. 

Who's made a quilt from shirts... what pattern did you use? 

Now, for those of you who have emailed about my display board... I used 3 thick flannel backed tablecloth's which I wrapped around and then stapled to the canvas. 

The blocks just cling to it, no need for pins, and they stay upright so you can look at it often and work out what block looks good where. 

 I've been wanting a cute pincushion for awhile.. my one and only pincushion was a freebie from Symposium once and looks a bit sad now. 
Don't you just love this one which is featured on Martina's blogIt's gorgeous.

This weekend.. lots of last minute sewing..

I need to make a School house block and a Bird House block by Monday night.  I have to finish my tree so I can give it to my friend.  And put together Isaac's quilt.... So I hope the weather is a little dull and cool, then I have a good excuse to stay inside and sew!!!  hehehe  Do I need an excuse??? 

Hope you're having a great weekend whereever you are.